We can help you build your long-term in-house capabilities to run Blockchain development teams. This may be within your existing organisation or to manage Blockchain development teams provided by your external supplier partners. We can help you acquire complete Blockchain teams or fill Talent gaps for specific roles (Architects, Lead Developers, Business Analysts, Programme Managers).

How does our process work for you?

Should you ask us to help meet your permanent requirements for Blockchain resources we work with you from confirming your Talent acquisition strategy through to a full understanding of the specific gaps you need to address.

At the start, we work with you closely to get a strong understanding of your specific situation, key challenges and Talent capabilities you are seeking to build. We make sure both you us have a shared understanding of specific deliverable Talent acquisition outcomes and results you are investing in to achieve.

We work with your agreed brief to find the right individual for the roles you wish to fill and ensure individuals will fit within your culture. We seek out the most suitable candidates from our network and database. We will then establish who is qualified and motivated to join your organisation and will send you a shortlist compromising qualified individuals for consideration by you.