Introducing the SmartLedger Insurance Consortium (SLIC)

Supporting the Insurance market to develop the next generation insurance business models and products using Blockchain technologies as the physical and digital worlds come together. A unique collaborative environment that fosters innovation, that helps solve industry wide issues and sharing of information.

SLIC is a mutualisation model used successfully in other consortiums delivering an opportunity to explore and experiment with Distributed Ledger technology (DLT) and formally develop and deploy strategies.

Many organisations find that key Blockchain expertise and resources remain in short supply that often means organisations have difficulty acquiring the right talent and expertise to test and develop Blockchain thinking.

SLIC has an experienced team of Blockchain practitioners, developers and experts that have hands on experience of designing and building production Blockchain solutions and writing Smart Contracts.

SLIC membership offers access to SmartLedger Labs, development teams, cryptographers and coders, partnerships with academia and access to the Ethereum communities.

To download full details of the SmartLedger Insurance Consortium – SLIC – CLICK HERE.