Replacing IT Core Processing Infrastructure & Systems

This case study covers how we helped replace core IT Processing Infrastructure & Systems without jeopardising customer service through applying rigorous programme, risk & service management disciplines.

The core IT systems of the domestic operations of a UK bank were struggling to keep up with the demands of product & service innovation. The bank determined that it needed to replace the core processing systems of this major consumer facing operating business with a system capable of launching new products & services and manage its customer base more effectively to maintain & grow its profitability.

A major systems integrator was hired to develop and install the new IT systems & infrastructure. The challenge lay in implementing a new IT infrastructure and over 10,000 applications and transferring millions of customers and their accounts to the new systems & databases without disrupting its day-to-day business operations.

We helped the bank put in place robust service management and operational acceptance disciplines to ensure that IT systems upgrades and customer database conversions were executed flawlessly.

The end result was the implementation of a new IT applications and technical infrastructure which allowed much more sophisticated customer value management techniques to be deployed.

And the payback? The new capabilities enabled the creation of over £100 million of increased income over 3 years.