If We Accept You As A Client, We Will Significantly Increase Your Company’s Sales, Or You Don’t Pay


Dear Friend,


If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve got a business up and running, you’ve got a lot on your plate, and …..You Don’t Have The Time For Some Long And Drawn-Out Pitch. So we’ll keep this letter short.


Here’s the bottom line:


My name is John Corr and I’ve been advising CEOs and owners since 1996. There’s a good chance that my team and I can help you scale your sales very quickly …but the only way to know for sure is to have a quick conversation with you.


Now – if “the shoe was on the other foot”, I’d be pretty hesitant to book a phone call with someone I don’t know.


So please realise this conversation isn’t a sales pitch in disguise or one of those ‘high pressure’ calls that are disguised as ‘strategy sessions’.


Regardless of whether or not we work together, I promise you’ll get real value right out of the gate.


Which is why I can confidently say …Give Me 45 Minutes To See If We Can Help You.

…And If You Think I Wasted Your Time, I’ll Pay You $100 On The Spot.


There’s no fine print. The purpose of this conversation is to demonstrate so much immediate value that you’ll ask about becoming a client and putting us to work on helping you scale.


But you literally have to ask about working together. Otherwise, we won’t even bring it up.


I realise this may seem unusual but we’ve found that the ‘demonstrate you can help people …by actually helping them’ approach works quite well.


And if you’ve got a business that’s already up and running, there’s no doubt we can help you scale it….Which is why I’m perfectly willing to ‘risk’ having to pay you $100 if you think your time was wasted.


Here’s Exactly What Happens On The Call

Like I said, I’ve been advising CEOs & owners since 1996.


I’ve found that most of the time, the reason the business isn’t growing is because the owner (you) is so overwhelmed with the ‘day to day’ stuff that you can’t see the immediate opportunities that are right in front of you.


So rather than trying to ‘show off’ by giving you a long list of things you could potentially do to scale your revenues …we do the opposite.


It Works Like This

STEP 1: Set The Target.


This is pretty straightforward.


We find out exactly what you want to accomplish …and exactly what timeframe you want to accomplish it in …and we set that as our main area of focus.


STEP 2: Get The ‘Raw Materials’.


If you’re like every other business we’ve ever worked with, you’ve already got some ‘raw materials’ we can use to hit your target.


For example – your database, your sales process, your audiences, your offers, your past promotions …all of these things are ‘raw materials’ that could be used to move us closer to your goal.


Once we have a good understanding of how everything works and what the numbers are behind it, we then move to …


STEP 3: The ONE-STEP Action Plan.


The one-step action plan is what makes this experience so effective and so much different than anything you’ve tried before.


Instead of finding a laundry-list of things that might help you, we take the time to carefully analyse everything that’s going on in your business and use that data to find the ONE THING to do right now that will move you closest to your goal in the shortest period of time.


No more overwhelm. No more over-work. No more shiny objects. No ‘tricks’ or ‘hacks’.


Just simple steps that are based on data, facts, and math.


This Simple Approach Is What Lets Us GUARANTEE Results For Clients


In the event you choose to become a client, we literally guarantee results.


To be more specific, we guarantee to help you measurably bring in MORE than our fee.


If we don’t? Simple: YOU DON’T PAY.


But we can talk about you becoming a client after our first conversation …and only if you specifically ask about it.


For now, I’d like the opportunity to simply PROVE we can help you …by actually helping you for free.


So use the button below to tell us how to reach you and we’ll help you set up a time that works best for you.


And remember …If You Think Your Time Was Wasted, I’ll Pay You $100 On The Spot. So – worst case scenario is you get $100 for having a quick and friendly conversation with my office.


Best case scenario is that our plan works …and you hit your goals.


Regardless, ALL of the risk is on me …so press the button below and we’ll reach out to help you schedule a time that works best for you.


Talk soon,




John Corr (Managing Director)



P.S. Unlike some, I don’t claim to be a ‘miracle worker’.


The way we get results for clients is by taking the existing raw materials (list, offer, sales process, funnels, etc) and making them work better.


So if there aren’t any raw materials to work with, we can’t help.


Therefore, we don’t work with startups or with businesses that don’t currently have a sales process in place.