Q. How can the Delivery-X service help make you be successful?
A. We will guarantee to fill your critical resourcing gaps with real experts

Service Description
With the ever increasing pace of competition and ever growing demands from regulation, the demands for resources to deliver your strategic project agenda can soon outstrip your pool of capable, highly experienced individuals. You are faced then with a choice of scaling back your ambitions or looking for appropriate help to help you over demand peaks. We can help you by providing experienced programme management experts, risk management specialists or simply come in and set up a fully functioning programme office for your staff to then take over when its up and fully operational.

Purpose of the Delivery-X service
We help fill critical resourcing gaps in terms of project execution or specialist subject matter expertise (business or IT related) to enable you to have sufficient expert resources in place to deliver your strategic projects at pace and with confidence.


Results & key benefits:
  • We help you address rapidly critical skills shortages that are putting successful execution of your strategic project at risk
  • Our experts can start in days, so that you are not faced with recruitment headaches
  • Our promise is to deliver you results while we also work to transfer key skills and expertise that will remain long with you after we have left
  • We ensure that all individuals working with you are sensitive to your organisations values, ethos and culture but not constrained by its politics nor held back from addressing issues by artificial, perceived barriers and constraints
  • Ensure you have sufficient project expertise when its needed without impacting your permanent head count
Ultimately, you and your organisation will be back on track for securing the business benefits that will result for the successful implementation of your strategic project

Delivery-X Service – How does it work?
Step 1 – “Seek first to understand”
First we carry out our expert “project diagnostic” (click here for more details) to enable us to have a clear understanding of the status, issues and required actions to put your project back under confident control. Specifically our aim is to identify which of your issues arise from “expertise gaps” and that can be fixed rapidly by providing you with experienced experts with appropriate capabilities.
Step 2 – Identify required capability profile
Our 25+ years of expertise in business transformation and strategic projects, combined with our project diagnostic results, enables us rapidly identify critical resource gaps and the profiles of individuals required to fill these gaps appropriately. We believe a small number of the right people at the right time can deliver a tremendous impact and significantly increase the probability of you enjoying a successful outcome.
Step 3 – Source expertise
We focus on providing highly capable, results orientated individuals with great personal track records of successful contribution who can make a real difference to your strategic project. [Please note, we do not attempt to provide organisations with armies of ‘off-the-shelf’ canon fodder – there are other organisations that have more appropriate skills & capabilities to address these ‘mass market’ needs]. Our ‘industry experts’ have extensive business and project execution experience with strategic projects within private sector businesses across major b2b and b2c specialisms.
Step 4 – Put resources in place that can ‘hit the ground running’
We are convinced of the importance of rapid action on the ground to make a real difference in strategic project execution. You don’t want to be like General Custer when his critical resources arrived too late to make the difference between success and defeat! We can provide suitable, expert resources and have them in place making an immediate contribution to your success within days.