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[note]How do you double shareholder value (to $751 million) in a year ?[/note]

Joe Ripp

With the ups and downs of the business cycle, every firm will eventually face the challenge of growing value whilst industry conditions have become increasingly hostile. Joe Ripp discusses how he addressed issues of increasing cost effectiveness, revenue growth and client service in helping a mid-sized ($450 million annual revenues business) become a more valuable business.

TO LEARN MORE CLICK HERE to listen to Bill Metcalf interviewing Joe Ripp (the current Chairman of Time Inc) on the value generating strategies he deployed to double the value of Dendrite International in a year.

[note]How to create a £3 billion value business by focusing on your clients[/note]

You’ve been put in charge of a failing business, losses are mounting. It’s not clear where you should start or what you need to fix first. How do you think through your position to get back to profitability and growth?

Andy Homer

Andy Homer is one of the pillars of the UK insurance industry, with a career that has included CEO at AXA Insurance UK, President of the Chartered Insurance Institute and now Group Chief Executive of the Towergate Partnership – an exciting growth business that is reshaping the provision of Insurance services in the UK.

TO LEARN MORE CLICK HERE to listen to Bill Metcalf interviewing Andy Homer (CEO – Towergate) , one of the UK’s most innovative thinkers in Financial Services, on how he has helped reinvent the Insurance business for the benefits of clients, insurers and shareholders.

[note]Are you struggling to understand where all of your cash is disappearing to? Your business units claim they are making money and yet your cash and working capital is vanishing before your eyes[/note]

Businesses set out to make profits, managers swear by them. It’s all too easy to have a situation where every business unit is claiming it’s doing a great job, but when you add it up in totality you are making serious losses and your cash life blood is rapidly draining away.

There are many great management methodologies and analytical techniques you could apply, from simple to complex. If you are the CEO, CFO or Business head, how do you get to grips with a business in need of a fundamental turnaround and your financial systems are unable to describe to you what’s really going on in your business?

Philip Rowley

Philip Rowley (President and CEO of AOL Europe) faced such a difficult situation when he took on the challenges of turning around AOL Europe and who went on to achieve astounding results with his management team.

TO LEARN MORE CLICK HERE to listen to Bill Metcalf interviewing Philip Rowley (Chairman AOL Europe) on how he succeeded in taking AOL Europe from losing over $600 million per annum to profitability within 3 years.

[note]Has market growth died in your business how do you reinvent yourself to create new compelling customer propositions?[/note]

Is competition killing you in your market sector with profits and growth evaporating before your eyes? Mature markets can get over-crowded, leaving you to battle to the death with competitors for what little value is left on the table. What can you do to turnaround your situation?

Martin Toogood

Martin Toogood has enjoyed a glittering career in retail including BHS, Habitat & Heals through to CEO of B&Q PLC.

TO LEARN MORE CLICK HERE to listen to Bill Metcalf interviewing Martin Toogood, one of Europe’s leading CEOs in growing consumer facing businesses, on the challenges of creating compelling propositions to excite customers across Europe.