We focus on putting strategic projects on a sound basis to deliver significant business benefits for financial institutions

What’s it like to work with City Technology Management on your team?

On this page we’ll tell you a little about the results clients have enjoyed working with us and we’ll also give you a sense of our guiding beliefs, approach to client projects and how we’re different from most Project Management and IT consulting firms.

[note]What results can you expect from our help?[/note]

If you would appreciate help in addressing the key issues uncovered by our expert diagnostic you can expect to see the following results from acting on our recommendations to you:

  • You can expect your strategic project back on track to deliver a successful outcome within 30 days.
  • You can understand which failing projects should be killed and those that can undergo “fix and repair” to put them back on track.
  • You can be confident your major project will be a commercial success with a compelling value proposition and a clear benefits realisation plan in place.
  • You will have proper governance and risk management in place on key projects so that you can be confident that the delivery will be on time and within budget.
  • You will have robust risk assessments and risk mitigation plans in place for your strategic projects that will pass audit review.
  • You can reshape your project portfolio to increase your ROI significantly and be able to focus resources on your most promising project investments.
  • You will have a thorough plan in place to get you back on track on failing business initiatives with a heavy IT dependency to allow your strategic business initiatives to be delivered successfully.

[note]Our guiding beliefs[/note]

Projects are an indispensable mechanism for helping service businesses improve their underlying capabilities and business processes. Service businesses must operate in one of the most competitive areas of business and are faced with constant new challenges, threats and opportunities. Whilst every business can expect continuous performance improvements as part of the ‘business-as-usual’ activities of managers, we believe properly constructed and managed projects are one of the most effective delivery mechanisms for ‘step-change’ increases in business performance.

Creating customer value is the fundamental engine for growing the shareholder value of financial institutions. Perhaps we may be guilty of stating the obvious, but customers and their revenues are the lifeblood of any business. We believe business projects ultimate purpose is to help businesses serve their customers in ever more effective ways.

Businesses exist to make a profit. Your financial institution can’t survive, prosper and grow without an ability to generate and grow profits now and in the longer term. The greater your ability to serve customers successfully and generate surplus value then the more you can afford to invest in serving more customers in ever more effective ways in the future. The greater the customer value & profits a financial institution enjoys, the more it is able to invest and reward its employees. We believe projects are a key mechanism in supporting your ambitions to grow customer, employee and shareholder value over time.

[note]Our approach[/note]

Closing the ‘Execution Gap’ between knowing what needs to be done and actual doing it is what separates great businesses from ‘also-rans’. It’s rare that we find a situation where no-one in the organisation knows what needs to be done to turnaround a difficult situation. However, for one reason or another, organisations can get trapped in inaction, or ‘analysis paralysis’ or even obsessive planning but with no tangible actions being taken that meet their problems square on. We are convinced of the virtue of having thought through the situation, you need to specify and complete rapid, focused actions to move you forward.

The 80/20 rule allows you in focusing your efforts to have maximum impact in moving you forward. Alfredo Pareto documented the 80/20 “Pareto” principle over a hundred years ago, that as a general rule in life 80% of results arise from 20% of causes. This is a powerful principle when applied to projects. 80% of the value of your project is likely to arise from 20% of the scope. 80% of the difficulties you are facing could be resolved by eliminating the root causes of 20% of your issues and problems. By applying this principle, we can help you have a much more effective and rapid turnaround of difficult projects than by more resource intensive approaches.

Transparency is critical to successful decision-making. A challenge with dealing with experts is their fondness for holding critical information in their own heads and not down on paper! Our experience is that the more transparent you can make a project in terms of its the current status against clear milestones and deliverables, benefits realisation and risk situation then the more likely it is to be a commercial success for you and your organisation.

Now that you have learned HOW WE WORK and the kinds of results we are committed, perhaps its now time to see how we can help you with OUR SERVICES.