How can our Services help you?

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[text_output]How can we help you be more successful?

Close Quarter helps businesses leaders and owners address critical issues related to sales, margins and growth rapidly to deliver you:
– Meaningful results that create significant shareholder value
– Critical improvements to your working capital and cash flow
– Get your most promising GROWTH opportunities funded and underwqy

RapidStrike – Performance Improvement Made Straightforward

What’s the REAL potential for performance improvement in your business?  Ambitious CEOs, CFOs and owners who are dissatisfied with current levels of profitability and business performance need to know the full potential of further performance improvement for the whole enterprise or for an individual business unit. This service provides you with:

  • A rapid assessment of the realistic performance improvements in your business across sales, cost reduction, working capital, productivity, service delivery and product development
  • A more detailed assessment of high-impact initiatives (eg cost reduction in specific key business processes) using our powerful diagnostic tools and techniques
  • An answer to what’s the best way forward for you to create substantial shareholder value balancing impact, investment cost, time and implementation risk

Our diagnostics have been used in critical situations such as Chapter 11 restructuring through to those situations where key executives and owners want an independent perspective of what can be achieved (avoiding the twin perils of unrealistic expectations and ‘low-balling’).

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Are you confident that you understand the root causes of your key issues and what it would take to fix them? We offer sophisticated business performance diagnostic tools to assess the status of key strategic business initiatives. We provide you with an independent, expert perspective on your current situation and confidential feedback on what needs to be done for you to be successful. You may wish to carry out:

  • A rapid assessment high-level scan of your entire business initiative portfolio (we call this a ‘Level 0 diagnostic’) to identify high impact projects at significant risk of failure
  • A more detailed assessment of individual projects (we call this a ‘Level 1 diagnostic’)
  • A deep dive to get fully to grips (we call this a ‘Level 2 diagnostic’) with the status and root causes of problems on a specific major business initiative.

All of our diagnostic reviews come with a ‘no quibble’ fees guarantee that you are completely satisfied with our analysis and recommendations.

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Business Initiative Fix & Repair

Do you need to get your strategic business initiative back on track rapidly? Some firms believe in carrying out elaborate, extensive time consuming somewhat academic analytical reviews of strategic projects, ‘an audit approach’ of telling you what’s wrong without actually resolving fundamental problems.

We can begin helping you immediately through completing a rapid ‘fix and repair’ to put back your strategic business initiative back on the rails. Our objective is to diagnose, determine root causes and carry out a rapid 30 day action programme to put you back in confident control.

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Execution-X: Getting what really matters to you done

Do you just need competent, experienced expertise immediately to help you get the job done now? With the ever increasing pace of competition and ever growing demands from regulation, the demands for resources to deliver your strategic business initiative agenda can soon outstrip your pool of capable, highly experienced individuals. Your faced then with a choice of scaling back your ambitions or looking for appropriate help to help you over demand peaks. We can help you by providing experienced senior interim management, functional specialist, programme management experts and risk management specialists or simply come in and set up a fully functioning programme office for you. Your own staff can then take over when everything is back on track.

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Now that you know a little about WHO WE SERVE, HOW WE WORK and OUR SERVICES, you may be curious about how we create results in an organisation? What kinds of challenges have we helped clients resolve? Read our CASE STUDIES that illustrate actual results our clients have enjoyed.