How do you deliver a corporate turnaround on a multi $ billion dollar service business?

How to deliver a significant corporate turnaround and how to create a £3 billion value business by focusing on creating value for your clientsAndy Homer

Andy Homer is a CEO who can share with you the secrets of delivering a successful corporate turnaround of a large-scale business. Andy is one of the pillars of the UK insurance industry, with a career that has included CEO at AXA Insurance UK, President of the Chartered Insurance Institute and now Group Chief Executive of the Towergate Partnership – an exciting growth business that is reshaping the provision of Insurance services in the UK. The Towergate business has grown from a start-up to become Europe’s largest independent, insurance business.

In this interview, Andy Homer (Group Chief Executive) describes the strategies behind the success of Towergate’s growth. He also shares interesting insights about the corporate turnaround of AXA UK from losses of £100 million per annum to profitability. Bill Metcalf is your interviewer for this Podcast.

Andy’s approach is of particular interest to CEOs, COOs and CFOs of large-scale complex service businesses where the complexity of the situation, the competitive environment and what needs to be done can appear overwhelming. However with the right strategy and approach, even the seemingly impossible situation can be turned around.

Andy covers in detail key elements of delivering a successful corporate turnaround and in creating a high growth successful business. Key elements include: a compelling customer proposition, a successful business model, understanding where value is being created and destroyed in your business, leading in difficult circumstances and what you need to focus on.

TO LEARN MORE CLICK HERE to listen to Bill Metcalf interviewing Andy Homer (CEO – Towergate) , one of the UK’s most innovative thinkers in Financial Services, on how he has helped reinvent the Insurance business for the benefits of clients, insurers and shareholders.

To download the recording: Interview with Andy Homer