Entrepreneur – What does it take to start up and run a great business?

This expert interview is designed for you if you want to be a successful entrepreneur who wants to create a great and valuable business. 

Luke Johnson

John Corr interviews Luke Johnson,  a leading UK entrepreneur, and author of the book ‘Start it Up. Why Running Your Own Business is Easier Than You Think.’
Luke’s background includes:
– Chairman of the Royal Society of Arts and former Chairman of Channel 4
– Weekly column in the Financial Times
– One of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs having grown famous businesses such as Pizza Express
– Chairman of Risk Capital Partners with investments in some great businesses such as Giraffe Restaurants, Patisserie Valerie and Gails Artisan Bakery

[note]Why this interview will be invaluable to you[/note]

In this interview  you’ll learn:

– What’s the biggest mistake a hopeful entrepreneur can make and how can you avoid it?
– What’s the one thing you should do first when it comes to evaluating a business idea?
– What you should do differently from other investors that can result in tremendous success?
– 5 quick tips for an entrepreneur on growing their business
– What’s the easiest thing you can do right now to see results to build profitable growth?

To download the interview (in MP3 format) CLICK HERE. I can guarantee that your investment of 25 minutes of your time will enable you to lean and apply invaluable lessons to starting up and growing a great business.

You can also download a transcript (in PDF format) by CLICKING HERE for report format download.

John Corr

John Corr is the Managing Director of Close Quarter, a firm specialising in helping ambitious leaders transform the value of their businesses by helping them accelerate delivery of what matters most to their customers, profits and growth.

John is the current global President of BPGroup.org, a leading global community of professionals interested in sharing best practice in performance improvement, turnarounds and process management.

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