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What makes the difference between success and the majority of programmes that fail?

Business Transformation

This expert interview is designed for the leaders of businesses who have an urgent necessity to address serious profitability and cash flow issues in their business. The interview covers how successful business transformation programmes can deliver a significant turnaround in your business performance.

A transformation programme is a high risk endeavour with a failure rate estimated to be in the range of 65-85%  according to the Working Council of CFOs. Clearly if your business is under severe stress then the odds are stacked against you and you may feel you have limited room for manoeuvre and constrained by your cash and other resources in the alternatives that you can pursue.

In this interview with John Corr sharing his personal experiences and those from his role as the global President of the by Charles Bennett you’ll learn:

  • What’s the biggest risk that leaders of businesses under severe stress face and how can you avoid it?
  • What’s the one thing you should be doing now (that perhaps you’re not)?
  • What should you do differently to many businesses that fail to deliver business transformation programmes?
  • 5 quick tips on what you can do to turnaround your business situation
  • What’s the easiest thing you can do right now to improve your situation?

To download the interview (in MP3 format), just CLICK HERE. Invest 15 minutes of your time to learn invaluable lessons from some remarkable business turnarounds. You can download a written transcript by CLICKING HERE.

How can you shape your business transformation programme to turnaround business performance?

You can learn additional lessons, insights and advice on how to turnaround your business performance by viewing this interview of John Corr in his role as global President of the BP community. CLICK HERE to learn how to turnaround performance through business transformation

What can you learn from how other business leaders have succeeded in their business transformation?

John CorrTo learn more about how we have helped other businesses turnaround their performance significantly please then CLICK HERE to listen to personal interviews with leading international CEOs and our CASE STUDIES.