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John Corr – Business Transformation, Technology, and Strategic Consulting

John Corr

John has 30+ years experience as managing partner, strategy consultant, senior executive and advisory experience with leading professional service firms and Fortune 500 clients including. Alix Partners, AOL, A.T. Kearney, AXA, Barclays, Capital One, Citicorp, National Grid, Nationwide and Time Inc

Over his career John:
•    Has worked with CEOs, CFOs and owners of Fortune 500 and mid-cap firms to create over $16 billion of shareholder value.
•    Built large-scale core systems and platforms for major international firms within the financial services, TMT and retail sectors
•    Is a passionate advocate of Agile to help organisations transform their businesses
•    Specialties: Business transformation, designing and implementing higher performance business models, high-impact Performance Improvement programmes, high-value strategic sales ($100m+), PMI, improving revenue generation particularly through Digital channels.

Ismail Malik – Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Smart Ledgers

Ismail Malik

‘Ish’ has over 20 years experience in Technology related startups and entrepreneurship covering Asset Management, Cryptocurrencies, Mobile Payments in the City of London and Emerging Markets working with leading firms such as Vodafone, Cellnet and News International.
Ish was the founder of the world’s first Blockchain Lab and first ‘DLT’ company within Level 39 in Canary Wharf  (world’s largest Fintech accelerator).
Highlights of Ish’s career include:
•    Ish led the lobby to add Cricket as an Olympic sport
•    Extensive involvement in higher education including the University of London to promote virtual learning environments (MOOKs) to help distribute learning globally
•    Amongst the leading experts in Blockchain (top 50 global rating)
•    Active in the world of cryptocurrencies and application to financial markets
•    Innovator in the deployment of Smart Ledgers and Smart Contracts

Nick Ayton – Digital Entrepreneur & Blockchain Business Operating Model Architect

Nick Ayton
Nick Ayton

Nick designs and Implements Digital and Blockchain based Business Operating Models has a background in computer science, organisational transformation and change and has had 8 start ups.
Key expertise in digital transformation, Growth Operating Models and self service platforms. Helping businesses transition to a digital (blockchain) world…
Specialties: Understanding the technology impact on businesses and markets, creating new products and services that on the back of new technologies can deliver a competitive advantage…

Detailed expertise covering: operating model re-design, re-mapping business processes to digital/growth models, platform design and implementation. CX and UI design, APIs and Distributed Apps – Blockchain.
Industry Experience: financial services, banking and insurance, pensions, wealth & asset management, pharmaceuticals & life sciences, manufacturing, airlines & defence.
Helping you and your organisation survive Blockchain and AI the biggest single threat this century to businesses!

Thomas Power – Social Digital Strategist and Digital Entrepreneur

Thomas Power

Thomas is one of the UK’s leading Social Media, Digital and Innovation authorities who has published 7 books and spoken at over 1000 conferences and events in 60 countries. This explains the 105,000 followers on Twitter since March 2007.

Thomas was the first Apprentice to Lord Sugar 1986-1988 and is featured prominently in his first book The Amstrad Story published 1989. Thomas has published seven books including Ecosystem (2001), Networking for Life (2003) and Know Me, Like Me, Follow Me (2009).
Thomas intimately supports CEOs with their Social Media presence helping them define themselves, their message, their intention and critically their Digital Presence and Blockchain Strategy.
Thomas coined the concept of Open Random Supportive Thinking online in June 2009. The #ORS hashtag has become part of the emerging Twitter and Youtube institution. Thomas has over 100,000 followers on Twitter since March 2007.
Thomas is married to OBE Penny Power and has three grown up children in their twenties.

David Long – Building successful Digital businesses

David Long

An experienced commercially focused business leader and entrepreneur with a proven track record of building successful Digital businesses and managing high performing talent in digital organisations in the UK, Europe and the US.

Key skills and attributes:
Successful serial entrepreneur and CEO in innovative digital and social media businesses
Commercial flair and vision
Building teams with exceptional talent
Motivational leader, communicator and people manager
Business development at all levels, experience across a broad range of market sectors including, e-commerce, financial services, publishing, broadcasting, gambling, retail and transport.
Fund raising in VC and Angel communities

Peter Dale – Investment Banking, Insurance, Media and Media

Peter Dale

An experienced executive and advisor who has worked across the globe in financial services, with deep experience silos in Asset and Wealth Management, Bank Risk Management, and Insurance. In addition an experienced film financier and Media specialist.

Key specialities:
Banking: Risk Management including Alternative Investments, Asset Management, Private Banking, Mortgages, Financial Services Distribution. Management of In-depth regulatory investigation.
Insurance: IFA distribution, Claims Management and Procurement, Insurance Capital Management, Subscription Market Placing. Solvency II Risk
Helping you recruit experienced interims in roles across senior management, strategy, Digital and transformation leadership

Francois Gall – Strategy, Customer Experience and Service Operations

Francois Gall

A strategy and transformation professional, who focuses on improving organisational effectiveness in large-scale service operations.
Deep experience in running and staffing successful large-scale transformation and change programmes. MBA from Insead.

Francois gained his professional experience with McKinsey, A.T. Kearney and Morgan Grenfell. Fluent in English, French and Spanish with a broad international experience with client work in the UK, Europe, North and South America, India, Japan, Morocco and South Africa with clients such as ABSA, AOL, Daimler Chrysler, France Telecom, Linde, Mobistar, Mitsubishi, o2 Ireland, Orange UK, TalkTalk and Vodacom.

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