Rescue-X Service

Q. How can the Rescue-X service help you to be more successful?

A. We will guarantee to rescue failing projects within 30 days.

Service Overview

Based on our experience on fixing strategic projects in financial institutions for over 25 years combined with our diagnostic toolset, we are confident that we can “Fix & Repair” your troublesome strategic projects worth saving within 30 days. Our confidence is reflected in our “no quibble”, money back guarantee of our work for you.

Purpose of Rescue-X service

We help you fast track getting your strategic project back on track for a successful outcome. We help you put in place robust project management disciplines and execute a rapid action plan of corrective actions to put you back in control of strategic projects that have are at risk of ‘coming off the rails’.

Guaranteed results & key benefits:

  • We help you avoid the risk of a personal disaster for you, and a major strategic problem for your organisation, should you have to face the consequences of a complete failure in a major strategic project that you are personally responsible for.
  • We will ensure that you have a strong commercial “value proposition” and robust “benefits realisation” plan in place to secure the promised benefits resulting from your strategic project.
  • We will address the immediate, critical weaknesses in the project execution and governance related to your strategic project.
  • We will help you put in place powerful risk management and assessment techniques for you to have a clear picture of the commercial, operational and project execution risks related to your strategic project

Ultimately, you and your organisation will be back on track for securing the business benefits that will result for the successful implementation of your strategic project

Rescue-X Process – How does it work?

Step 1 – “Seek first to understand”

First we carry out our expert project ‘Diagnostic-X’ process (click here for more details) to enable us to have a clear understanding of the status, issues and required actions to put your project back under confident control.

Step 2 – Put in place robust Project Execution disciplines

We then help strengthen your existing “Project Office” and Project Execution disciplines working on fixing immediate issues with project planning, critical relationships, scope management, benefits management, resourcing, reporting, risk management, dependency management and project governance.

Step 3 – Rally the Troops

We find that frequently when strategic projects are in trouble that morale, motivation and work effort starts to suffer. In some organisations we’ve worked with they have call strategic projects that start to suffer with these problems “death marches” – you can imagine what could happen if your project starts to show similar symptoms.

We aim to restore confidence rapidly amongst your project team, partners and business colleagues that you are now back on course and get them excited once more about the potential and contribution your strategic project originally enjoyed.

Step 4 – Taking action – closing the ‘Execution Gap’

The greatest root cause of organisations failing to turnaround difficult situations arises in our experience from a failure to take rapid and appropriate corrective action. It’s said that “the path to hell is paved with good intentions”, we don’t want you to have to ensure the fiery furnace resulting from a project failure. We are there working alongside you to ensure that whatever needs to be done for you to be successful gets done and gets done rapidly.