Why is it so difficult to keep New Year resolutions and what to do to succeed?

New Year is always an optimistic time for setting out fantastic resolutions to be a new person, we commit to great goals to be a fitter, smarter, better person.

Yet so many resolutions whilst easy to make are a whole lot tougher to keep.


If someone you know has decided to go on a diet, start a keep fit programme or other great resolution but is struggling to keep up, they may be interested in some of the latest research from the Stanford Behavioural Lab. Stanford researchers have uncovered the key factors that make the difference between succeeding at behaviour change and failing to do so. You may be surprised to learn the underlying reasons why so many people struggle at changing behaviours and the simple steps you can take to be successful.

You can read their research, watch various videos and download the powerful, yet simple to use tools, from: http://captology.stanford.edu/projects/behaviordesign.html


Best wishes for a very happy and prosperous 2013. Let me know if you enjoyed the Stanford material and put it to work successfully.

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