What is the performance improvement potential in your business?

RapidStrike Diagnostic Service

What’s the true bottom line for what your business can achieve?
When you’re in the ‘hot seat’ with responsibility for addressing profitability issues, you need to know what is really possible in terms of performance improvement across your business and what this translates to in terms of increased shareholder value.

Purpose of RapidStrike service
When the stakes are high, the situation complex, opinions divided about what can and should be done and yet you still need to drive results you can’t afford to pursue the wrong initiatives consuming scarce resources of time, money and effort. Using our specialist tools and techniques we can identify and quantify the value creation potential of the most promising initiatives to deliver the results you need.

Results & key benefits

  • We enable you to focus on the highest impact, most promising initiatives to improve your business performance across sales, operating costs, working capital, product development and key business processes
  • Identify the most effective way to achieve reductions of 15-25% in operating costs across key business processes
  • Identify procurement savings of 5-40% of key external spend categories (average 13%)
  • Shortlist critical service and customer proposition improvements that can be delivered short-term (30-90 days), medium term (90-365 days) and longer term
  • Assessment of key individuals required for business turnaround (and provide immediate interim management if situation is urgent)
  • Translate business performance programme into its impact on EBITDA, cash flow and shareholder value for external stakeholders

We help you avoid being consumed by the ‘forest fire’ of immediate items pressing on your attention 24/7 to ‘see the wood for the trees’. Our RapidStrike service puts you in control of a strategic agenda to deliver significant performance improvement in your business.

RapidStrike – How does it work?

Step 1 – Information harvest – seek first to understand’

Our initial step is to gather together the critical information, data and insights on the status of your strategic business initiative. We do this through structured interviews with the key stakeholders and managers involved in the business initiative, a commercial evaluation of your business initiative’s value proposition’ and benefits realisation plan, a structured review of the business initiative management disciplines in place and the supporting documentation and governance processes, we review the risk management assessments & risk mitigation plans in place and then seek to understand the critical dependencies and how business initiative interdependencies are being managed.

To maximise your return on investment, we carry out a triage’ approach where we first carry out a rapid assessment of all your business initiatives at a high level (that we call a Level 0 diagnostic’) that allows us to identify the most critical initiatives for a more detailed analysis (that we call a Level 1 diagnostic’).

Step 2- Take control

We take the critical information gathered in Step 1 and map this information against our expert business diagnostic framework and risk tools. We can then give you:

  • A prediction of business initiative success against key predictive parameters
  • Identification of key risks that will jeopardise the success of the strategic business initiative
  • Identification of the root causes of issues most likely to lead to business initiative failure
  • A high-level plan to correct key issues, incorporating rapid action plan steps to start to rebuild confidence in your strategic business initiative’s success immediately

Our expert diagnostic concentrates on the key predictive factors for business initiative success focusing on:

  • Your business initiative’s value proposition and our confidence assessment on how likely it is that you will realise its intended benefits
  • An assessment of the key stakeholder buy-in critical to the success of the business initiative across your organisation, your suppliers and partner businesses critical to ensuring business initiative delivery
  • Our expert, independent perspective on how robust your business initiative management & governance disciplines are and answering your concerns as to whether they are fit for purpose
  • And finally our perspective on the suitability of your risk management assessment and mitigation plans

Our overriding objective is to give you this expert diagnosis quickly so that you can judge what the level of required intervention is commercially justified.

Step 3 – Address critical issues and identify root causes

In our experience there are a number of critical factors that consistently stand in the way of business initiative success. We use the information gathered during our structured diagnostic (based on our proprietary methodology developed through our experience of working on strategic business initiatives over 25 years in financial institutions) to determine the most appropriate steps to address the root causes of your current situation.

Step 4 – Action Plan

Finally, we use the diagnostic assessment as the basis to putting together a structured plan (incorporating rapid interventions to get you and your business initiative back on track quickly). Our in-depth knowledge of financial institutions, their business operations and IT systems allows us to work with you and your team to determine the most optimal path to get you back on track rapidly.

Are you ready to start resolving your difficult challenges?

We are confident we can bring you a powerful diagnosis with an action plan to get you back on track. For the vast majority of business initiatives, this can be completed within one week. Our analysis & recommendations are backed by our no-quibble, guarantee – no fees unless you are completely satisfied’.

John Corr

John Corr

If you would like to discuss your particular situation and challenges that are putting the success of your strategic business initiative at risk, then please feel free to call now for a no obligation’ initial confidential discussion. You can reach me, John Corr, on Tel: 020 3637 5501 or email me at john.corr@closequarter.co.uk.


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