Trends in Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a continuously growing method for connecting with customers. Technology innovation opportunities to track in the future are pertaining more and more to communication with customers through mobile phones. Mobile marketing trends are constantly changing, so it’s vital for successful companies to stay on top of the latest and greatest opportunities in this area of the market. To begin understanding the unique possibilities available through mobile marketing, you must first consider the capabilities of the mobile technology that many users have, such as smart phones. The sales of smart phones are expected to continue growing by about 25% in 2012.

2012 expects to see a total 8 trillion SMS messages, over the 6.9 billion that were sent in 2011. This provides a wide opening for companies to use this technology as a means of communicating with customers. Though advertisements sent in the mail are often discarded unopened, most mobile users will actually read through a text message. The technology innovation of SMS marketing allows companies to send targeted message to their customers through a voluntary subscription. These messages often include coupons and special deals, which entice customers to sign up for the service. The messages can then expand to tell customers about new products and promotions.

Social media is another important technology innovation for companies to take advance of. With Facebook and Twitter apps, mobile users have access to these social media sites any time. A presence on them can help to put your brand in front of their eyes every day. Best of all, social media gives customers the ability to share your original post, thus turning each follower into a potential advertiser in his or her own right. Catchy design, smart promotions, and interesting posts are essential to making this mobile marketing trend work for you. If your content falls flat, you’ll lose followers fast.

Finally, mobile technology innovation trends point toward users being able to accomplish more and more from their smart phones. With a mobile optimized site, you can capture the user’s location. Many shoppers are willing to provide basic information about themselves that can provide businesses with valuable data for further customizing advertising campaigns. With the rights apps, mobile technology will allow you to sell your products right through the user’s mobile phone. A mobile-optimized site lets customers browse your products, read details, and make purchases using their mobile. You can also engage users in new ways with videos, social games, and flashy sites.

Designed by: Carne Associates & modified by Dawud Miracle