Sales management – The 5 most common mistakes and how to avoid them

Sales management – even in a downturn, can you increase your revenues significantly?

Barry Porter

Barry Porter

If your sales are down 20-40% in the credit crunch as many businesses in media, financial services and automotive are facing, what do you do? Clearly cost reduction is going to be important but let’s not forget the impact that you can have on your top line revenues and margins.

This podcast covers the most common mistakes found in sales organisations that impact your revenues and give you strategies, tactics and specific actions you can take to address your situation.


Learn what works to succeed in sales management in a downturn

Anyone can sell in a boom market. What determines the real experts in sales management is their ability to succeed even in the face of a downturn. Listen to our podcast that features John Corr and leading sales management expert, Barry Porter, based in Sydney, Australia. You can listen to and download this podcast from:

Are you losing high value B2B sales?

Sales Management

Sales Management Counts

If you are a sales manager in an organisation that sells high-value contracts ($1+ million products and services), you will know the principal (but not exclusive) reason for losing high ticket sales is a weak value proposition compared to your competitors.

We can help you eliminate the top 10 reasons why you lose because of your ‘value proposition’, read more here and download our key B2B ‘value proposition toolset right now.

Clients are not dumb – they will buy on price if your value proposition is weak

Procurement departments come in for a lot of criticism from sales organisations. But all they are doing is protecting the interests of their own organisation when its making important purchases. If your value proposition’ is weak and/ or unconvincing – then it’s straightforward for your client’s procurement function to make the decision solely on price forcing you to discount heavily and/ or lose business to your competitors.So your failures to win must relate to your Sales Process and Value Proposition.
If you need to strengthen your position for next time you are going down to the wire on a high value sale against a strong competitor then we can help you create a winning ‘value proposition’. As Jimmy Connors once said “coming second is being a loser!”

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