RACI – how to accelerate effective decision making



Learn how the RACI technique can enable you to make and execute your strategic business decisions faster with more confidence.

In the exciting times of the booming frontier, it was said that there were only two kinds of gunfighter the Quick and the Dead’. Thankfully in business your life doesn’t literally depend on the pace and accuracy of your decision making and execution – it only feels like a matter of life and death.

Making strategic decisions quickly and executing them rapidly with confidence remains the key trademark shared by high-performing organisations. We can all share this ideal objective and yet many times in the real world we can find that the way forward on key business initiatives is unclear, resulting in unnecessary stress and frustration in our attempts to get important things done.

What are the biggest barriers to getting getting things done that the RACI technique can help you overcome?

RACI - helps you overcome barriers

RACI - helps you overcome barriers

It’s a paradox that large organisations have enormous resources and yet struggle to get things done? If your initiative has somehow got stuck in the mud, there are typically three root causes that the RACI technique enables you to identify and overcome. These are:

  • You have an incomplete list of key decisions, process steps and deliverables
  • Everyone wants to be ‘involved’ but it’s not clear who and what the decision making rights and level of involvement of each party should be
  • Whilst everyone wants to be ‘involved’, it’s not clear who has to get the important things done and who signs these off as being achieved. So
Going through the RACI technique as described in our downloadable paper overcomes all of these barriers and comes with two typical examples covering complex decisions and complicated processes.

So what can you do NOW to help improve your team’s performance?

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