Mobile Messaging Innovations

Mobile phones have long been used as a means of communicating with other individuals, first as traditional telephones, and then utilising the overwhelming popular method of text messaging. The drawback of text messaging and even telephone calls today is that these types of communication can quickly increase the user’s total cell phone bill. Many plans have limited minutes and limited text messages. New mobile technology innovation options seek to eliminate this problem while still allowing users to send text messages to one another. There are several applications that can now be used in place of text messages, but which work in essentially the same manner.

Alternatives to SMS messaging services

Meebo is one of the most popular choices for users who are looking for a mobile technology innovation that offers all the functionality of text messaging within an easy-to-use format. Meebo sends push notifications of new messages, stores the user’s chat history, and offers a desktop platform that allows conversations to move seamlessly from a mobile device to the computer. Meebo is compatible with iOS, Android and BlackBerry and is free to use. This innovative program makes it easy to connect with users on other devices as well as those on chat platforms like Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, and more.


There are several other similar apps that provide the same basic service. Beejive and Trillian also provide platforms that are compatible with multiple smart phones and several web-based chat systems like Yahoo! Messenger. In addition, users can select a chat application with a slightly more limited scope, such as BlackBerry Messenger that offers text messaging with no character limit between users of BlackBerry devices. Google Talk has an app that allows Google users to enjoy the same chat platform on their phone that they can use through Google. Ultimately, most users will gravitate toward whatever mobile technology innovation has claimed the majority of their friends.

 Group Messaging takes Text Messaging to the Next Level

For users who want a mobile technology innovation that takes the idea of text messaging a step further, there are a variety of group messaging apps. These applications allow several members of a group to chat with one another. GroupMe connects iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Phone 7 users. Members of the chat have the option to send their location to a map of all the participants. Google+ offers group messaging as well, with push notifications so you don’t miss a thing. Google Voice allows you to send recorded voice messages or other forms of media. These platforms provide new and exciting ways for mobile users to keep in touch.

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