Are you faced with the challenge of turning around the profitability of your business?

You are a courageous business leader who is responsible for turning around the profitability of your business. You’ve made substantial improvements already however it’s now becoming harder and harder to make further substantial performance improvement. And frankly,  you’ve become concerned that you may have exhausted all of your meaningful opportunities.

Over 25 years, we’ve worked with senior executives like you at leading service and technology businesses including: AOL, AXA, Capital One, Citicorp, EDS, Nationwide and Unisys. Like you, our clients have all had fantastic track records of success in their careers. That’s why your organisation has asked you to overcome some of the toughest challenges in your business and given you the responsibility for the delivery of a key strategic project.

When to call us? Do these problems seem familiar to you?

Your business has significant cash flow and profitability issues. The global recession has had a significant impact on your revenues and despite having delivered large-scale cost reductions you still have an acceptable level of profits and cash flow shortage.
You want to deliver a significant performance improvement to turnaround your profitability and cash flow.

You are responsible for a major strategic business initiative that has become stalled. You are unsure about the true root causes as to why your major strategic initiative has become stalled and what it will take to get it back on track again for success.
You want your strategic initiative back on track to deliver a successful outcome.

You have a number of failing business initiatives within your project portfolio. You want to know which initiatives should be killed and which can be fixed and put back on track rapidly.
You want to kill or ‘fix and repair’ failing initiatives within 30 days.

You suspect that a major business initiative has a weak value proposition or that the path to realising its promised benefits is unclear. You don’t want to move heaven and earth to deliver a major project only to find that it was of little business or financial value after it has been delivered successfully by you and your team.
You want every major project to be a commercial success with a compelling value proposition and a clear benefits realisation plan in place.

You are concerned that a major business initiative is at significant risk of late delivery and severe cost overruns because of weak project control disciplines. You suspect that a major project has weak governance and project controls that raise serious doubts that the project will be delivered on time and on budget. You realise there is a distinction between instilling proper controls and strangling projects with bureaucratic overkill.
You want to see proper governance and risk management in place on key projects to be confident that the delivery will be on time and within budget.

You recognise that a major strategic project has spent little time & attention thinking through the key risks that may derail its success. No-one likes to think that disaster is about to strike and live with its consequences. However, if insufficient thought is given to thinking through the key risks your project faces and how to manage them, then you could be faced with trying to manage an unforeseen disaster and its consequences with little preparation.
You want robust risk assessments and risk mitigation plans in place for key projects.

Your business wants to improve its financial performance and the returns on your substantial project portfolio investment are under scrutiny. You would appreciate an independent assessment of the likely financial returns from the individual projects within your project portfolio. Potentially, some well focused “pruning” of initiatives could release resources from weaker investments to help accelerate delivery of more promising initiatives.
You want to reshape your project portfolio to increase your ROI and be able to focus resources on your most promising investments.

You are responsible for the delivery of a strategic business initiative that is now at risk because of its heavy dependence on the delivery of a major IT project which is falling ever further behind schedule. Large-scale IT projects are amongst the most difficult of all business initiatives to deliver successfully – the failure rates can be as high as 80%-90%. Your financial institution has a strategic business initiative which is now in jeopardy because of its dependence on a failing IT programme.
You want to be confident that you have a thorough plan in place to get you back on track rapidly to allow your strategic business initiative to be delivered successfully.

OK by now – you may be wondering are we compatible?

A great deal of success in life and business comes down to personal chemistry. It’s hard to define and yet it can be the crucial difference that determines success or failure. You are likely to find us kindred spirits and successful working partners if you are:

  • Enthusiastic and results orientated. You have a passion for your job and your enthusiasm is infectious to those around you. Perhaps sometimes that can mean that the goals and objectives you personally take on would scare other people off. You like to see the ball in the back of the net the sooner the better. You really want to make a difference in your life and at work.
  • Humour & fun. You set yourself and your team huge, demanding goals but you don’t take yourself too seriously. People enjoy your company and good spirits.
  • Encouraging to your team. You have great personal talents yet still know it’s encouraging your team and colleagues to great things that will really make a difference. You are Willing to take responsibility and show leadership when the going gets tough. You know who the real lightweights who talk a great game but who disappear out of sight when the heat gets turned up. You can feel the pressure, but you don’t buckle.
  • Confident in your own abilities to know when you could do with some help from others who have useful knowledge and experience they can share with you. You can tell hype from substance. Some people are easily swayed by surface glitz and glamour you can see through this to determine whether the people around you have real substance and back bone.
  • Down-to-earth and practical. If something works you’re interested to see how far you can go with it and if it doesn’t you don’t get locked into defending it. You appreciate that a dose of structure & process can go a long way without getting bogged down in bureaucracy & red tape.

I do hope you and us have a shared view of the world and a passion for the same things. If we do have a lot in common with you in terms of your approach, attitude and the objectives you’ve been set then can I suggest you learn more about HOW WE WORK with our clients, read about the results we’ve helped clients deliver in our CASE STUDIES or simply CONTACT US to discuss your specific challenges.

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