How can we help you?


On this page we’ll tell you a little about the results clients have enjoyed working with us and we’ll also give you a sense of our guiding beliefs, approach to client projects and how we’re different…


We follow these principles:

  • Our highest priority is to satisfy and help you and your business create substantial shareholder value, this can be through helping you deliver your strategic initiatives or reshaping your strategic initiative portfolio to maximise the ROI on your time, effort & investment
  • We can help you deal effectively with disruptive technologies, such as Cloud, Mobile, Blockchain, AI, IoT or Robotics,  that potentially can materially impact your industry to determine the new winners and losers…
  • We apply the very best thinking and have access to the best thought leaders, developers, skills and partners that can support the deliver and migration to a better business model that exploits the potential of Disruptive technologies
  • We help management teams understand the threats and opportunities presented by Disruptive technologies and help you formulate a strategy for a winning response…
  • We deliver fast results using Agile, Lean Start Up and RapidStrike methodologies that focus on delivering you tangible results within rapid timescales (from typically 30-90 days) with a decided preference for the shorter timescale…
  • We build innovation projects around motivated individuals whether you need an Innovation Lab, or Sandbox to polish and test options in live environments… (that can scale globally)
  • Unlike perhaps some other firms,  we focus on delivering you outcomes and results in the real world as the primary measure of progress
  • We focus on Simplicity to 10x the Customer Experience and use Disruptive technologies to eliminate to more than half of the cost in your key processes… 
  • We can supply you with the critical people, resources & IP to deliver the results  you need… 


Within a few weeks we help you understand the threats or opportunities arising from Disruptive Technologies and deliver our recommendations to you:
  • Our strategic objectives are to:
    • Help you deliver operating models at ultimately <50% operating costs
    • Use Agile & Lean techniques to deliver immediate performance improvements within 30 days
    • Grow your top line revenues with new service offerings enabled by Disruptive technologies
    • Deploy the promise of Cloud, Mobile, Blockchain, AI, IoT and Robotics technologies effectively
  • In 15 days help you understand the threat Disruptive Technologies represent to your business and within your industry and geography…
  • In 30 days deliver a Strategy to exploit Disruptive technologies… with first results in 30-90 days
  • In 30 days start to set up a Lab or Incubator of ideas to get things moving …
  • We can build your long-term Blockchain, AI, IoT and other capabilities by enabling you to acquire high performing Talent into specific critical roles to run key projects and programmes…
  • You can reshape your operating model to accommodate Disruptive technologies and projects to 10x the Customer experience and deliver more than 50% reduction in costs/effort of your key processes….


We help you incorporate Disruptive technologies as strategic assets, and  new competitive strengths into your business & operating models.

You understand that closing the ‘Execution Gap’ between knowing what needs to be done and actual doing it is what separates great businesses from ‘also-rans’.  We live in an era of tremendous technological innovation, most large organisations are still deciding how best to respond effectively. In Financial Services, Banking Regulation and Central Banks there is a great deal of activity and billions being invested. In other sectors to Land Registries to Music Content, to Legal Services and Human Identity management.

Any industry with a large and complex network of middle market firms (‘middlemen’) or intermediaries are most vulnerable to Blockchain technologies, especially through the deployment of ‘Smart Contracts’ (that are the future of transaction management and business to customer interaction).

Blockchain along with Smart Contracts working with Artificial Intelligence (including Robotic Process Automation) can remove 50% to 90% of the cost, time and friction from your key business processes if deployed correctly. Quite literally a Game Changer…

Improvements in transparency, security and speed of key business functions – verification of transactions, of people and speed of payments and interactions. Everything happens faster without the need to check everything again and again.

Your call to action: the organisations that are advancing Blockchain projects most effectively invest time and energy in finding out the strategic impact and acting on it. They work with firms, such as Blockchain-X, who know how to deploy Blockchain technologies, have a broad view of the market and have access to the deep skills, assets and talent to help you and your organisation succeed

Now that you have learned HOW WE WORK and the kinds of results we are committed, perhaps its now time to see how we can help you with OUR SERVICES.