“Avoid firms and partners who are compensated to find you complicated solutions as they do not have an incentive to implement simplified ones”

We’ve helped clients like you:

  • Generate significantly more cash from your existing business to reinvest in your most promising Growth opportunities
  • Transform their existing business in terms of operating profits, capex effectiveness and cash flow generation
  • Construct and execute a strategic programme to turnaround losses of $600 million per year to profitability
  • Win back contracts with TCV of $250+ million lost to a major competitor (with increased margins)
  • Assist strategic sales forces (managing $50+ million TCV contracts) win over $12 billion TCV of business
  • Turnaround a loss making £30 million turnover business (set for closure before taking a ‘last look for the Group CFO) to deliver £9.2 million EBITDA profits within a year
  • Extend the life of your existing businesses whilst accelerating the growth of your most promising opportunities
  • Executed programme management of the replacement of core technology platform for a European financial institution with 10+ million customers
  • Improve ‘net promoter scores’ (NPS) in pan-European service organisations by over 30 points
  • Deliver a new ‘Mobile first’ Digital sales platform for one of Europe’s largest mobile operators
  • Design & build & deploy core platforms in banking, insurance, payments and workflow
  • Build REAL digital innovations in Cloud, Mobile, Blockchain, Robotics & AI

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