We give you confidence that your ‘mission critical’ initiatives will be delivered

We are here to make sure the results you need from your ‘mission critical’ initiatives are delivered when you need them.

We’ve helped clients like you:

  • Construct and execute a strategic programme to turnaround losses of $600 million per year to profitability
  • Win back contracts (with TCV of $250 million) about to be signed with a major competitor
  • Assist strategic sales forces (managing $50+ million TCV contracts) win over $12 billion TCV of business
  • Turnaround a loss making £30 million turnover business (set for closure before taking a ‘last look for the Group CFO) to deliver £9.2 million EBITDA profits within a year
  • Executed programme management of the replacement of core technology platform for a European financial institution with 10+ million customers
  • Improve ‘net promoter scores’ (NPS) in pan-European service organisations by over 30 points
  • Deliver a new ‘Mobile first’ Digital sales platform for one of Europe’s largest mobile operators
  • Design & build & deploy core platforms in banking, insurance, payments and workflow
  • Build REAL digital innovations in Cloud, Mobile, Blockchain, Robotics & AI

To learn more about how we can potentially help you, you can read about HOW WE WORK and description of OUR SERVICES.