How Mobile Technology is Changing Business

The rapid pace of technology innovation developments is changing the way business is done all over the globe. There are an estimated 4.6 billion mobile phones around the world. While many people picture cell phones in the hands of individuals in more developed countries, where they’re used to play games and chat with friends, these devices are having a huge impact in developing countries as well. A mobile phone in the hands of some of the poorest people on the plant can equip them with the information they need to drastically improve the way that business is done and increase their profits.

How Mobile is transforming the Global economy

In locations where goods need to travel a long distance from the producer to the buyer, a new mobile technology innovation can drastically change the process. Fishermen in Bangladesh can maximize their profits by using mobile phones to find the highest paying buyers for each catch. Shea nut pickers in Ghana use mobile technology to check the market price for these nuts. Orders for bulk goods can be placed on mobile devices for more efficient restocking of small stores. Where shop owners once had to close up and travel a long distance to navigate a complex marketplace, they can now send out an order while manning the counter.

Mobile and Home Working

Another mobile technology innovation that is changing the landscape of the workplace is the opportunity for employees to work from home. Entire companies can be run without a single office building. This not only maximises profits by eliminating the need for pay rent and utilities on an office, it also allows the company to hire the best employees for each position from candidates around the country, or even the globe. Even businesses that do have a traditional office can maintain employees on the road. Mobile technology allows these individuals to send in reports, enter new customer information, and even make sells through a cell phone or tablet device.

Mobile Integrates The Whole World

The latest mobile technology innovation to hit the market often focuses on idle pastimes, but the paradigm for successful mobile programs is rapidly changing. This kind of technology can significantly improve the quality of life in developing countries and change the entire model for how business is done. With mobile technology, crafters in remote locations in Africa can connect with a worldwide marketplace for their goods. Farmers can find the best prices for their produce without leaving the farm. Individuals can connect with one another from almost anywhere on the planet, and with each new innovation that planet gets a little bit smaller.

Designed by: Carne Associates & modified by Dawud Miracle