Can we help you with your business transformation ?

We specialise in the business transformation of service businesses

John Corr

John Corr

We have over 25 years expertise in helping the leaders of service businesses deliver ambitious business transformations. If you run a manufacturing, mining or construction business there may be other firms that are a better choice for you that specialise in these sectors. We focus on helping the leaders of financial institutions, technology, media, entertainment and b2b service businesses deliver real business transformations that created significant improvements to what really matters to their customers, profits and growth. Our clients typically have major costs and investments in people, technology and premises with the challenges of selling services profitably in fiercely competitive markets.

How can we help you today?

Perhaps the most immediate help we can give you is to provide you with details of intellectual capital, tools and techniques, case studies and interviews with relevant experts to help you with the issues, challenges and opportunities related to your business transformation.

Essential Tools and Techniques for Business Transformation

You can download papers on key tools and techniques including benefits management, stakeholder management, process transformation, risk management, strategic programme management and decision making by clicking here to go to our recommended TOOLS and TECHNIQUES.

Expert interviews with the leaders of successful business transformations

There is a lot of theoretical discussion on how business transformations should be delivered that are frankly more theory than practical advice. Much better to learn directly from expert interviews with leading business leaders who have have delivered major business transformations by hearing them describe personally their situation ‘warts and all’.

If you are interested in detailed descriptions covering strategies and tactics to deliver rapid cost reductions, increased revenues and margins, new product development and building customer loyalty through profitable relationships then CLICK HERE for personal interviews with real CEOs and business leaders who can share invaluable advice with you.

How can we help you more?

If you’ve found these resources useful then can I suggest  you learn more about HOW WE WORK with our clients, read about the results we’ve helped clients deliver in our CASE STUDIES or simply CONTACT US to discuss your specific challenges.

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