Are you the leader of a service business needing to dramatically improve your business performance?

At Close Quarter, we work exclusively the leaders of service businesses need to deliver substantial performance improvements to their business in terms  profits, cash flow and growth.

Are you struggling to transform the value of your business?

  • Are your revenues dramatically reduced because of the global recession and the impact of structural changes to your industry?
  • Are you so sucked into ‘firefighting’ within the day-to-day operations of your business that it’s become a real struggle for you to see a way through to increasing your profitability and growth?
  • Is the Internet disrupting your pricing and margins and undermining your profitability?
  • How do you best respond to the threats and opportunities arising from China, India and rapidly developing global markets?
  • Are you frustrated that having applied all the business strategies and tactics that have worked so well for you in the past, somehow it’s not working so well now?
  • Are you wondering if there could still possibly be a way that you can deliver the results you want?

If it was easy, then you would have done so already

In the midst of the maelstrom of running day-to-day operations in some of the toughest business conditions in 60 years, seeing the right way forward can seem to be difficult to impossible.

The challenge you have to solve is the to find a way be the the number 1 choice for your chosen target customers that creates tremendous value to them whilst allowing you to generate significant cash and profitable growth. If it was that obvious many of your competitors would have done so already.

And yet solving seemingly impossible problems, like completing a ‘Rubiks Cube’ puzzle, can be straightforward when you know how to address the problem.

What can you learn from other leaders who have overcome similar challenges to you?

At Close Quarter, we’ve a proven track record in transforming the value of businesses. We help our clients achieve outstanding results in the most difficult of circumstances. But don’t just take our word for it! Perhaps it’s better to hear judge what results we can achieve for you by listening to some of the leaders we’ve worked with such as:

  • Andy Homer (CEO – AXA UK) explained how we helped him turnaround AXA UK from losses of over £100 million to profitability within a year
  • Philip Rowley (CEO – AOL Europe) on how we helped him and his leadership team to transform AOL Europe’s performance from losses of over $600 million into profitability
  • Joe Ripp describe how he was able with our help to double the value of Dendrite International from $8 to $16 per share within a year (selling for $751 million)

How can we help you today?

We have a number of great resources that you can explore that can be of immediate benefit to your situation today.

You can learn from interviews with leading global experts on specific topics related to business improvement (accelerated cost reduction, revenue enhancement, business process improvement and service enhancement by going to INTERVIEWS. We set out some of the key business transformation tools that we use at TOOLs. You can generate some fresh ideas for you to apply by reading these  CASE STUDIES

If you want to learn more about HOW from other real life leaders of service businesses have transformed the value of their businesses then CLICK HERE.

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