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Solvency II is a fundamental review of the business models of European insurers, most directly impacting capital adequacy and risk management. This expert interview is designed for the business leaders responsible for Solvency II programmes with practical advice on the most significant risks you face at this stage, how to avoid them and how you can succeed.

In this interview with Solvency II expert, Iain Pickard, by John Corr you’ll learn:

  • What are the biggest risks that leaders of Solvency II programmes face at this time and how can you avoid them?
  • What’s the one thing you should be doing now (that perhaps you’re not)?
  • What should you do differently to many Insurers that are putting their Solvency II programme at risk?
  • 5 quick tips on what you can do to significantly reduce the risk to the success of your Solvency II programme?
  • What’s the easiest thing you can do right now to improve your situation?

Is your Solvency II programme in trouble?

If a particular aspect of your overall Solvency II programme is in trouble, we can help you get it back on track.
Are you facing some of the following issues?

  • Is the data from your core systems too inconsistent and unreliable for live running and the proposed IT solution to address this issue too difficult and complex to implement?
  • Are you concerned that you’ll fail your USE TEST as the processes that you’ve submitted to the FSA are too complex to work in practice?
  • Do you suspect that some of your processes been over-engineered undermining your profitability post implementation?
  • Are some of your key projects at risk putting your overall programme under pressure?
  • Do you need an independent expert assessment on the probability that you’ll pass your ‘USE TEST’ with the FSA?
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