Are you struggling to deliver all of the ‘mission critical’ initiatives on your strategic agenda?

At Close Quarter, we specialise in helping the leaders of large-scale businesses deliver substantial improvements to your profits, cash flow and growth to transform the value of your business. Our focus is on businesses in the financial services, technology, retail and business services sectors.

We’ve worked with some incredible business leaders to achieve remarkable results such as:

  • Joe Ripp (President of Dendrite International) double the value of the business from $8 to $16 per share within a year (selling for $751 million). To learn how CLICK HERE
  • Andy Homer turnaround AXA UK from losses of £100 million per annum to profitability.
    To learn how CLICK HERE
  • Philip Rowley (CEO of AOL Europe) turnaround losses of $600 million to profitability.
    To learn how CLICK HERE

Are you struggling with a ‘mission critical’ strategic initiative?

  • Have your cost reduction initiatives run out of steam?
  • Have you ‘bet the farm’ on a major technology transformation programme yet still waiting for the promised results?
  • Are you coming to terms with flat or declining revenues because of the global recession and the impact of structural changes to your industry?
  • Is regulation and compliance strangling your business by driving up ‘non-value added’ costs?
  • Has all the ‘low-hanging fruit’ been picked in your business?
  • Are you frustrated that having applied all the business strategies and tactics that have worked so well for you in the past, somehow it’s not working so well now?
  • Are you left wondering if there could still possibly be a way that you can deliver the results you want?

If it was easy, then you would have done so already

In the midst of the maelstrom of running day-to-day operations in some of the toughest business conditions in 60 years, seeing the right way forward can seem to be difficult to impossible.

Reducing costs and increasing margins in service businesses is far more difficult than manufacturing. Yet many of the most commonly used cost reduction strategies (eg Lean, Six Sigma) are derived from and are most appropriate to manufacturing. Have you wondered whether there are more appropriate tools, strategies and methods that you can use to deliver results in a complex service business?

And yet solving seemingly impossible problems, like completing a ‘Rubiks Cube’ puzzle, can be straightforward when you know the most appropriate strategies to deploy to address your specific situation and issues. However the more complex your business, then the more difficult it is to diagnose and identify what specific changes you ought to make. We use our experience, expertise and tools to identify and deliver  the most effective and readily implementable changes to your service operations that deliver substantial performance improvements to your business.

Close Quarter has the exceptional track record you need on your side

At Close Quarter, we’ve a proven track record in transforming the value of service businesses. Our ability to create clarity in the midst of complexity enables us to implement innovative solutions that deliver you tangible results; judge us by our successful client engagements which include:

  • Working with CEO Andy Homer to turnaround AXA UK from losses of over £100 million to profitability within a year
  • Working with CEO Philip Rowley and his leadership team to transform AOL Europe’s performance from losses of over $600 million into profitability
  • Working with President and COO Joe Ripp to double the value of Dendrite International from $8 to $16 per share within a year (selling for $751 million)

But don’t take it from us. Better to listen to the CEOs of major corporations we’ve helped tell the real story in their own words by CLICKING HERE.

Is it now time for you to learn how you can be successful?

If you want to learn more about HOW from other real life leaders of service businesses have transformed the value of their businesses then CLICK HERE.

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